Coronet Model A 1932 cine movie camera - working

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Model A 1932 Coronet Cine Camera in full working order. Worn from age but it is still usable if you wanted to take films.

It has a Anastigmat 1:3.9 Lens 

Aperture and wind up motor both working.

The Coronet Camera Company was founded by Frederick W. Pettifer around 1926 and initially based at a converted private house at 48 Great Hampton Street, Aston, Birmingham, UK. By 1932 they had relocated to premises at 308-310 Summer Lane, Aston, Birmingham, UK. Coronet specialised in low price simple still picture cameras, mostly made of plastic, moulded by a local Birmingham firm of Edwin Elliott, with lenses made by the British Optical Lens Co. another local business.

In 1932 they launched a very low price simple 9.5mm cine projector and cine camera. By 1937 both the cine camera and projector had been upgraded to model B cine camera and Mk 11 projector.