Zeiss Ikon Movikon Cine camera

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1950s working cine camera. Made by Zeiss Ikon it is heavy and precision made. It winds and clicks and whirrs in your hand. Beautiful piece of engineering.. And it works.

The post-war Movicon 8 was an amatuer level dual 8 movie camera of fairly unusual design. The film is twisted 90 degrees, as the film plane is perpendicular to where it normally would be. This gives the camera a distinctive look, the lens being located on what would be the side of a normal movie camera.

The standard Movikon 8 was usually finished in gray crinkle paint, although it can be found in brown as well. It was also available with a built in selenium light meter as the Movikon 8B.

Both of the previous models had a 10/1.9 Movitar lens. A budget version of the Movikon was sold as the Movinette. It has a single speed motor, like the earliest Movikons (the later ones have speeds of 16- 48 fps) and a 10/2.8 Triotar lens.

Auxilary lenses and a viewfinder were available for the line as well.